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<h2>Capri - Marina Piccola</h2> <p> Marina Piccola, Capri oil painting by painter Vincenzo Aprile. </p>  <a href="/oil-paintings/coast-oil-paintings/marina-piccola-e"></a> <h2>Positano   </h2> <p> View of Positano oil painting by painter Vincenzo Aprile. </p>  <a href="/oil-paintings/coast-oil-paintings/View-of-Positano1"></a> <h2>Bacino San Marco</h2> <p>Bacino San Marco, Venice oil painting by italian artist Ciro Canzanella. </p>  <a href="/oil-paintings/cityscape-oil-paintings/bacino-san-marco-e"></a> <h2>Amalfi coastline </h2> <p> Amalfi, coast oil paintings by italian painter Ciro Canzanella. </p>  <a href=" /oil-paintings/coast-oil-paintings/amalfi-dipingere-dal-vero "></a> <h2>Thoughts</h2> <p>Intimate thoughts, figure oil painting by the italian artist Beatrice Mossi. </p>  <a href="/contemporary-art/Figurative/Intimate-thoughts"></a> <h2>After  the storm</h2> <p> After the storm, seascape oil paintings by italian painter Wilken's Hans   Desiderio. </p>  <a href="/contemporary-art/Espressionism/After-the-storm"></a> <h2> Bay of Amalfi </h2> <p> Bay of Amalfi, oil painting on canvas by painter Vincenzo Aprile.</p>  <a href="/oil-paintings/coast-oil-paintings/Bay-of-Amalfi"></a>

Italian paintings is a project MeridiArte. The online art gallery exhibits primarily Italian paintings, landscapes, still lifes, figures, marine, coast and nude. Paintings by impressionism, realism, expressionism, from classic to contemporary art.  Please, subscribe to our newsletter to get news about your favorite artists and promotions.

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